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SportsLawn is an expert at providing artificial surfaces for a variety of practical and sporting applications.  Its rugged and non-rot properties make it suitable for protecting existing areas for and its non abrasive and softer properties make it suitable for safer outdoor play.  Please browse around our site and some more friendly text here....

Sports Lawn - Artifical Pitches for sports use

Heavy duty portable tracks accessible roadways


Artificial turf and play areas for sports facilities, including hockey astro pitches, football pitches, rugby pitches and golf tees.

Roadroll / Portatrack / Slipways

Heavy duty track way providing access to areas otherwise inaccessible for cars - also important for local councils and other authorities providing access to meet disability legislation.


The Ultimate all weather artifical play surface designed with kids in mind.


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Sportslawn has developed DIY Sports pitch kits for use at home. Great for sporty kids and family fun.

Environmentally Friendly

SportsLawn uses recycled plastic wherever it is possible to do so and the design of our base means no need to dig out substantial quantities of waste for landfill.

Latest News

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