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SportsLawn brings the luxury of an Artificial Grass Pitch within the financial reach of Schools and Clubs who had previously considered that this exciting facility was only for those with limitless budgets.

Sportslawn's unique base with integrated drainage system.

All this excavation work is very expensive and time consuming and thankfully is not needed with the SPORTSLAWN system.

SportsLawn Benefits

A SPORTSLAWN Artificial Pitch provides a genuine all-weather surface that is usable all year round, hour after hour.

  • Huge cost savings.
  • Less disruption - no diggers or special access required.
  • Unique Base with drainage system.
  • Excellent shock absorbency.
  • Can be installed in all weathers.
  • Sand agitation avoids compaction.
  • Fully recycled product.
  • No more water-logged muddy areas.
  • No frozen lumps and bumps that are dangerous to play on.
  • No more worn grass.

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