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Environmental Policy

By using the unique Sportslawn system you are ensuring you are helping the environment by using the most environmentally friendly product available.

Our specially designed Sportsbase is manufactured from recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

The use of the Sportslawn system prevents the need to dig out the existing surface. A full size football pitch -dug out to a depth of 300mm for traditional base works creates 4,200 m3, of waste - enough to fill 600 skips!

New government Eco-tax is to be placed on skip hire in an attempt to combat any environmental damage and lessen the use of landfill sites.

The traditional construction method calls for the site to be infilled with expensive graded stone and choke stone etc. Eco-tax is levied against these materials as well.

The Sportslawn system uses a sand and rubber crumb infill which we only source from companies investing in a sensible environmental policy. For example the rubber crumb we use is made from recycled car tyres.

Not only are you making a considerable environmental contribution but also a 30% financial saving, this is an important consideration for councils, government bodies and schools that environmental policies that must be adhered to.


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