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Sportslawn Installation

Below are two examples of installations by Sportslawn - a play area and an artificial hockey pitch.

Example One

A Sportslawn installation at a school for pupils to have an enclosed area to play sport all year round.
After levelling the ground, the plastic sportsbase panels are clicked together to form a strong and uniform base. Roll out the artificial grass carpet.
For sports pitches the artificial grass carpet is then stuck together using specialist tape and glue along the seams. The artificial grass may then (according to the type) be in-filled with sand or a mixture of sand and rubber crumb. In this picture you can see a drag mat being used to spread sand evenly across the pitch and in between the carpet fibres.
The Sportslawn pitch nearing completion. In the foreground you can see a sand spreader being used to infill the carpet with sand. The finished Sportslawn sports pitch complete with kickboard walling around the perimeter.

Example Two

Some text here about the installed Sportslawn surface

After removing the turf, the site is graded to ensure it is flat and smooth. The sports base panels are then interlocked together.
The base works nearing completion with the panels forming a single sturdy base structure. Roll out the artificial grass carpet.

The completed Sportslawn sports surface. The completed artificial sports pitch

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