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PlayLawn Benefits

PlayLawn is an innovative surface specifically designed to provide schools with a maintenance free all weather leisure area which can be installed within hours.



Playlawn will never dip or puddle. The plastic base will ensure the surface remains flat permanently removing the problem of muddy puddles.

PlayLawn offers huge savings, initial costs are low, there are no maintenance costs. PLAYLAWN is designed with change and growth in mind... not only can you add one kit to another to increase the size at any time, but the entire PLAYLAWN system is removable and re installable.

PlayLawn is delivered as a complete kit, no special tools are required and the easy to follow instructions mean that within hours it is ready for use.

The entire system is also extremely ecologically friendly, even more so when considering that conventionally, the installation of an artificial grass surface involves the costly removal and subsequent disposal of top and subsoil (government tax on skips etc). For all standard play and sports usage, the plastic base is unbreakable, cannot be damaged and is completely rot proof, weather proof and especially child proof!

The plastic base is made from super strong polyethylene and has been tested in all environments down to -20oC. It also meets the European UV-10 (10 years protection) status. The simple inbuilt drainage channel system ensures the best possible playing conditions in even the most extreme of weathers.


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