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Multi Use Games Area - Artificial PitchMUGA's

Multi Use Games Area's or MUGA's are the most popular of all artificial grass sports pitches and we are able to offer schools and clubs many alternatives from small area budget games areas up to the very largest of multi-use sports pitches.

Because a MUGA pitch has to cope with a variety of sports the choice of artificial grass carpet actually becomes more critical than a more specialist single sport specific type. Get it right and you can look forward to many years of enjoyable use; get it wrong and you can find yourself very limited in what can and what cannot be played on the pitch in the future.

SportLawn's forte is in the design and construction of multi-sports pitches for schools and these generally tend to be in the region of 1,0002m. Installation can be carried out with the minimum of fuss, often in only 1 or 2 weeks.

We take care in considering the best type of artificial grass carpet and select the most suited from a whole variety including sand dressed, sand filled and 3rd generation sand and rubber crumb types.


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